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Virtual COSA 2021

Join us on Wednesday, May 5th!

Welcome! All Zoom sessions are scheduled to take place from 11am – 4pm.



School of the Arts and Communication

Art and Art History

2:00pm – 2:30pm Live Class Presentation
Art and Sensory Experience in the Ancient World: Reanimating the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on the Island of Samothrace
Ryan Abramowitz
AAH 499-01 with Lee Ann Riccardi
Zoom Meeting

2:30pm – 3:00pm Live Class Presentation
The Illuminated Craft: An Analysis of the Color Blue in the Gothic Stained Glass of Medieval France

Emma Falcon
AAH 499-01 with Lee Ann Riccardi
Zoom Meeting

2:30pm – 2:50pm
Not A Foot of Land: Podcast Docuseries

Megan Scarborough
AAH 490 with Deborah Hutton
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Zoom Meeting

Teacher Guide for TCNJ Art Gallery’s Exhibition of “A Collaborative Language: Selections from the Experimental Printmaking Institute”
Gina Bianco
Art Education: AAE 330 with Carolina Blatt
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Art Education Clinical II Experience
Megan  Scarborough
AAE 490-01 with Lisa LaJevic
View Video – Password: cosa

Assemblage Lesson (Grades 9-12 Art I)
Alyssa Shoenfelt
AAE 492 with Lisa LaJevic
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in•flux: In Progress | Senior BFA Fine Art and Photography/Video Thesis Exhibition
Ash Albeser, Madison Cascardo, Addison Cooper, Shelly Crooz, Jamie Davidson, Lucia Gardiner, Jayln Giles-Ewell, Lily Gilston, Samantha Leigh Kearney, Ryan Levy, Halle Luttrell, Stephanie Rosenthal, and Sarah Valente
AAV 412-01 with Elizabeth Mackie
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The Howard Crosby Butler Archive
Ryan Abramowitz and Zach Kozak
HIS 391 with Dina Boero

Communication Studies

11:30am – 11:50am
Social Media and Body Image
Jack LoVecchio
COM 201-01 with Judi Cook
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Zoom Meeting

1:30pm – 1:50pm
A New Perspective on a Classic: “The Outsiders” as Kid-Noir
Stephanie Sonbati
COM 381-01 with Susan Ryan
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Zoom Meeting

2:30pm – 2:50pm
Nationwide Newspaper Coverage of State and Local Government Responses to the Coronavirus: Community Structure Theory and Political Partisanship
Deanna Amarosa, Dylan Lembo, Kieran Nashad, and Brandon Yacovacci
COM 390 with John Pollock
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Zoom Meeting

Camera Eats First: Food and Social Media
Rachel Dambrot
COM 201-01 with Judi Cook
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Transforming Bias to Resilience: Hardiness, Efficacy, and Social Support in Women Leaders
Devyn Fatzynytz and Kaitlin Dwyer
COM 391-01 with Keli Fazio
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Transformative Resilience: Identity Anchors, Communication Networks, and Productive Action of Individuals who Lost a Loved One on 9/11
Meghan McQuade
COM 391-01 with Keli Fazio
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Cross-National Coverage of Climate Change: Community Structure Theory and  “Buffered” Health Access Privilege
Faris El Akbani
PBHG 615 – 01 with John Pollock

Nationwide Media Coverage of State and Local COVID-19 Responses: Community Structure Theory and a “Violated Way of Life”
Miranda Crowley, Radhika Purandare, James Sparano, Alexis Marta, Suchir Govindarajan, and Abigail Lewis
COM 390 with John Pollock
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Cross-National Media Coverage of Rape and Rape Culture: Community Structure Theory and “Buffered” Female Privilege
Marie Hines, Lori-Ann Johnson
COM 415 with John Pollock
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Interactive Multimedia

11:00am – 1:00pm Panel
Interactive Multimedia Senior Thesis Projects
Zoom Meeting , Passcode: IMM


Introduction by Faculty Mentors
Warren Buckleitner, John Kuiphoff, and Teresa Nakra

Preview: Beyond the Walls (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
Dylan Jonas

Escape the Room: Murder Castle (Games and Playable Media)
Georgia Myers

Preview: After the Fact (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
Tom Pennington

The Lighthouse Project (Games and Playable Media)
Miles Cumiskey

Good for Your Health (EP) (Music Technology)
Jordan Ramesh

Breaking out of the Box: Performing During a Pandemic (Music Technology)
Adina Weiss

Sunboy and Blue (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
Ashish Paul

The Lake House (VR) (Games and Playable Media)
Ana Green

Ceremony (Visual Storytelling and Animation, Music Technology)
Amanda Brewer

The Final Throw (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
Zane Thompson-Bradley
View Video

Grand Trinity (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
John Tobino

The American Dream (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
Tanatswa Gawe,

King 2021 (Games and Playable Media)
Anthony Mendez

Wicker and the Whispering Flame (Games and Playable Media)
Eliana Gargiulo

Liminal Space (Visual Storytelling and Animation)
Daniel Felix

Minecraft Celestial Storytelling (Games and Playable Media)
Nina Navazio

12:40pm -1:00pm
open invitation for attendees to playtest Celestial Storytelling

Elemental Chance – An AR Local Multiplayer Mobile Game
Frank Kovacs
IMM 449-01 with John Kuiphoff

One Year Gone: A Collection of Poems
Mason Bohme
CWR 304-01 with Catherine Rosemurgy

Of The Lilacs: A Poem
Jolie Shave
CWR 304-01 with Catherine Rosemurgy


11:30am – 11:50am
The Path to Society: A Musical Composition for the Year 2020
Shrish Jawadiwar
MUS 494-70 with Wayne Heisler
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Zoom Meeting

“Never Turning Back” – A Rendition by Members of TCNJ’s Chorale
Alexandria Rudolph, Alexandria Rudolph, Hannah Stratton, Joseph Rippert, Peter Corso, Adrian Camano
MUS 135-01 with John Leonard
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Virtual Performance of Rollo Dilworth’s Credo
Adina Weiss
MUS 175-01 with John Leonard
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