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FAQ for COSA 2022

What is the Celebration of Student Achievement?

This is a showcase for student scholarly and creative work, providing an opportunity for students to share their work with TCNJ’s community. During the Main Event on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, students will present their work in papers, posters, performances, panels, and other forms of scholarly or creative activity.

Main Event: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

25th Annual Celebration of Student Achievement

Featuring Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity


What kind of student work will be presented at the Main Event?

The Celebration is appropriate for significant work that results from deep engagement in the scholarly or creative process. For the most part, students will be presenting work that they have already prepared or presented for another purpose such as Independent Research, a Senior Design, Thesis, or Capstone course, a conference presentation, or some other outstanding scholarly/creative experience. In many cases, this will be work done in collaboration with a faculty mentor, but the student must be the primary author and presenter of the work at the Celebration.

Types of possible presentations include:

  • Poster
  • Paper/PowerPoint Slides
  • Live or Digital Performance
  • Exhibit
  • Panel: Student presenters and their faculty sponsors may ask that projects be grouped into panels by theme or issue. Panels may represent a single discipline or be interdisciplinary.

In addition, this year we will have integrated sessions, where presentations from different schools will be organized according to common themes and better connect the amazing work of TCNJ students. To facilitate this, we are including a new “keyword” dropdown menu on the COSA registration form. Students must meet with their faculty mentors/instructors before registering for COSA to identify one or more keyword categories that apply to their project. Below is a list of keyword categories:

  • Effective Organizations, Management, Business, Finance, Communication, and Pedagogical Innovations
  • STEAM Innovations (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Visual, Digital, Multimedia, Literary, and Performing Arts)
  • Environmental, Public Health, Medical/Physical Health, Mental Health and Wellness Impacts
  • Social Justice (Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging)
  • Global Perspectives on Cultures and Languages of the World
  • The Human Experience Across Time and Place (works about Politics, Philosophy, History, Ethics, Language and Literature)


Where do I go if I have questions about participating?

If you have questions, see your faculty mentor, or view the Celebration FAQ page.

For questions that liaisons are unable to answer, contact John Leonard and Tracy Kress at, or email Annemarie Sanders at


How do I register to participate?

  1. Students determine participation in COSA with their faculty mentors/instructors

  2. Students work with faculty mentors/instructors to determine title, presentation type, & identify keyword categories

  3. Students register for COSA: Complete the registration form no later than March 11, 2022:

    Student registration link: click here

  1. Faculty mentors/instructors confirm student registrations in late March


How should the form be filled out if there is more than one author or presenter?

The first author or presenter should fill out the form and serve as the contact person for the group. The other presenters’ names should be listed in a later question in the form.


How do I make an effective poster?

Different disciplines may have their own standards and approaches to creating and presenting posters.


What happens if I have special scheduling needs?

If you need to make your presentation at a certain time or are unavailable at specific times, indicate this on your registration form and also let your faculty mentor know.


How will the times and locations for presentations be announced?

A copy of the full schedule for the Main Event will be available online by April 22nd.


How rigorous is the 20-minute limit on papers and presentations?

Because presentations are scheduled on a 20-minute basis (15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions and answers), if you take too long, you are taking away time from the students who are scheduled after you. Therefore, please prepare your presentation with the time limit in mind.