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School of Education

Elementary and Early Childhood Education

ACB 301-02 with Chyuan Pan

Help Math Not Seem Like a Foreign Language
Marissa Willox and Nickolas Kleftogiannis


ECE 391-02 with Blyth Hinitz

2:30pm – 2:50pm
Inclusive Education for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Tiffany Dioses
Zoom Meeting ID: 939 0875 3372

ELE 391 with Marissa Bellino

Teaching Sustainability Through Literacy
Erica Levy

ELE 391-02 with Blythe Hinitz

3:00pm – 3:20pm
Teaching the Holocaust in Elementary School /  Research Poster

Rebecca Kim
Zoom Meeting ID: 976 0700 7356



ELE 391-03 with Louise Ammentorp

Hydroponics in Elementary School Classroom Research Project
Laura Howley

Integrating Social and Emotional Learning Into an Environmental Setting
Brittany Kroeckel


Environmental Sustainability Education

ESE 393 with Greer Burroughs and Marissa Bellino

Learn Globally, Teach Locally: Pre-Service Teachers Transformation Through Critical Place-Based Ecoservice Learning 2020
Alea Mayer-Costa, Serina Grasso, Krishalei Locquiao, Shannon Picklo